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GNV (GNU's NOT VMS) is a GNU based project, delivering a Unix-like environment for OpenVMS. It is intended to provide the important subset of Unix/Linux/POSIX necessary to port Open Source software to OpenVMS. GNV consists of a "Unix-like" shell environment (bash) and many of the tools and utilities common to "Unix" shell environments.

Many Open Source software packages ship a source tarball. When extracted, the software is built by running the 'configure' script followed by a 'make'. This procedure examines features of the Unix system you are running on, and builds the software package accordingly. This process may also work on an OpenVMS system, using the BASH shell provided by GNV. It is a goal of the GNV project to improve the porting of such Open Source projects to OpenVMS.

HP OpenVMS website

The GNV project is supported by HP (Hewlett Packard).  However, it is an Open Source project, with developers both inside and outside HP.  GNV is hosted by SourceForge.NET.  Here you can find the source (mostly for developers) and binary distribution files.  You might start at the GNV project page.

GNV is available for both OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity (IA64) platforms. The latest GNV kit is version V3.0-1, released in November 2011.  See the Getting Started and Installing GNV page for more information, including a pointer to the kits.

The latest kits, and additional information is also available at the Open Source page of the OpenVMS website:

GNV project proudly announces the release of V3.0-1 on Sourceforge. The intent of this release is to make available the latest and complete GNV sources to the community. Going forward we intend to invite contributions from the world wide OpenVMS community to enrich GNV with their knowledge and experience. We invite you all to take GNV to the next level. Since this release the OpenVMS Community has been contributing and working on making a newer version of bash (4.2.45) available as well as documenting issues within GNV and working with HP OpenVMS Open Source Engineering to fix issues in the CRTL which hinder Open Source porting to OpenVMS. This effort is being focused through the VMS-Ports SourceForge Project. Additionally new releases and update are also being made available of applications such as cURL, zlib, perl and others. There is also work being done on new ports such as PostgreSQL and an improved ncurses.

The OpenVMS Open Source Community is starting to work through the utilities which are part of GNV to update, improve and validate them under OpenVMS to provide a more reliable and resilient Unix Portability Environment. As of August of 2013 the next effort will be focused on SED and other Core Utilities.

To contribute to GNV Project please subscribe to the developers mailing list.

To become part of the  GNV Developer Team, send mail to the developers mailing list.

Details for contributing can be found in the GNV Developer Guidelines.

This project is hosted on .  This project is supported by HP logo